Margaret Parsons

Margaret Parsons is an artist and arts educator from New Orleans, LA. Her drawing and sculpting practice is a means of transcribing the lines of her own body language. Inspired by Zen Buddhist calligraphy, her works are the material results of movement: forms of tension, direction, and release. 


STORIES / Dab Art’s quarterly online exhibition

Femaissance: Gemini / Magazine Merchant House, New Orleans, LA

Lucky Art Fair / New Orleans, LA


Curator, The Listening Body / Book Club Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Artist-in-Residence, Can Serrat / El Bruc, Barcelona Spain

Vices / Dead Matter Print Exchange show at The Dive Bar Las Vegas, NV

Held and Unraveled / Book Club Gallery, New Orleans LA

Table of Contents / Book Club Gallery, New Orleans LA


Finalist for New Orleans Pitch Night / Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA


SuperMagicWonderRoom / Portland Winter Light Festival

Unearthing / Tethered Cord Gallery, Portland, OR

Our Oceans / Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

BFA in Intermedia, Pacific NW College of Art, Portland, OR


Into Vocals / animation screening at the Hollywood Theatre's annual Stop/Watch show

The Ground Beneath Us / a month-long intensive studying under artist Daniel Duford

Her 2017 zine The Prayer of My Body is currently for sale in New Orleans at:

Glitter Box

(1109 Royal St.)