Margaret Parsons

is an artist and arts educator living in New Orleans, LA. She makes drawings about the paradox of an ordinary yet profound bodily experience, of the body existing as a very basic, breathing, digesting system, but also the richly dense fabric of our spiritual lives. Inspired by contemporary dance and Zen Buddhist calligraphy, her work investigates the power of a single line.


Curator, The Listening Body / Book Club Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Artist-in-Residence, Can Serrat / El Bruc, Barcelona Spain

Vices / Dead Matter Print Exchange show at The Dive Bar Las Vegas, NV

Solo Exhibition: Held and Unraveled / Book Club Gallery, New Orleans LA

Table of Contents / Book Club Gallery, New Orleans LA


Finalist for New Orleans Pitch Night / Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA


SuperMagicWonderRoom / Portland Winter Light Festival

Unearthing / Tethered Cord Gallery, Portland, OR

Our Oceans / Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

BFA in Intermedia, Pacific NW College of Art, Portland, OR


Into Vocals / animation screening at the Hollywood Theatre's annual Stop/Watch show

The Ground Beneath Us / a month-long intensive studying under artist Daniel Duford

Her 2017 zine The Prayer of My Body is currently for sale in New Orleans at:

Glitter Box

(1109 Royal St.)